Sunflower Festival

Come visit us in Frankfort, Ohio for a weekend filled with entertainment, food, and fun!

Last Weekend in July!

29, 30, 31


Festival details are completed for 2016. 

A schedule has been posted under each day.

All of the applications for 2016 are current and ready for you. 

2016 News!

McGuffey Lane is coming Saturday Night!

McGuffey Lane

 The country rock band,  McGuffey Lane!

A few years ago McGuffey Lane released their Greatest Hits CD. Just another reason the band has been very successful on the road with a whole new generation being added to their loyal list of fans.

Molly Pauken, Randy Huff, Jerry Cummings, and Kevin Reed join original members, John Schwab, Terry Efaw and Steve Reis, in one of Mid-west’s most popular bands. Their polished harmonies and innovative talent continues to wow their audiences. Whether there are 300 or 3,000, the audience can’t seem to get enough. From the high energy music to the beautiful ballads this band has something for everyone and all who are fortunate enough to see the show walk away with a feeling of being truly entertained.

Combined sales of McGuffey Lane’s four albums on Atlantic Records total nearly 300,000 units and record sales for this band continue to increase since the release of the Greatest Hits cd featuring the hit single “Long Time Lovin’ You”. This song earned the band a six week stint as number one on the charts and a much deserved regional gold record.

Over the years McGuffey Lane has worked with nationally known artists such as The Allman Brothers Band, The Judds, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Marshall Tucker Band and Exile. Most recently the group has opened for Tanya Tucker, Merle Haggard, Charlie Daniels, and Ken Mellons.

Now, in 2015, with the combination of original and new members, the band has celebrating what some say is their best album ever…. Entitled “10”

They add this new CD to this already beloved this list of tunes:

Long Time Lovin’ You ● People Like You Stagecoach

Green Country Mountains ● Music Man ● Breakaway

Ain’t No One To Love You Like I Do ● The Legend

Bert ● Diana Might ● Friend of Mine

What’ll You Do About Me ● Lady Autumn ● Day By Day

Stay In Love With You ● The First Time